Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A brand new school year!

Summer is almost over and a brand new school year is just right around the corner! Did you set yourself new goals? Did you reflect on what you wanted to change for this year? Was one of them to organize your classroom? Or maybe just add a little flair to your teacher's corner? Well then, this assignment is just for you! What better way to accomplish some of your school goals than to organize your classroom and have a little fun as well! Here's your homework assignment for you to get inspired and kick off the school year right. Don't forget to check this off your homework list! Have an awesome school year!!

Don't you always have students asking you (in the middle of your lesson) "I don't have a pencil!", "I can't find my pencil, teacher." or "I need a pencil-I don't have anything to write with." My solution to this nuisance is- having a pencil cup with pencils for the students to get one when they need one without interrupting the lesson or the class. Well, I found this pencil cup holder for a dollar. It was the perfect size and width to hold some pencils in my classroom. After looking at it for a while, I thought - Why don't I cover it in theme paper? Luckily, I found the perfect sheet to go with it! I had my doubts about it working with the ModPodge because it had a pourous surface. Good thing it worked even though it was a messy project! My eldest daughter liked it so much, she wants me to do the same to their pencil cup holder! So I am. :)

School Days Container

I never make anything for myself, but I had a great idea to decorate the jar that one of my student's gave me last year (it was filled with candies that I didn't even eat!) I personalized the jar with fun foam letters and will make its home on top of my desk. I plan to use it to hold student names for raffles. Maybe a word jar I learned about in a summer workshop I attended last month. The possibilities are endless. This container can have many uses...use your creativity! What will you come up with?

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