Monday, June 29, 2009

Wild Gifts

Before hosting a Lingerie shower I decorated these gift items which we would eventually give the soon-to-be bride.

I decorated the paint can and purse with zoo animal themed paper.

Finally, I placed all the gifts inside the containers and used shrink wrap to seal them.

Random Card Project

I found this cute blog and bookmarked it for future reference. Then I needed to create a birthday card to hold a gift card and found this perfect sample. I utilized that same sketch but changed its theme. I also used the gift card as the tag rather than making one. I punched a hole through and tied two ribbons around it. The bottom image is my version of this random card project.

This is the sketch I used as a guide.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thank You Card

Here is a diferrent take on thanking somone. The reason behind this creation is that I wanted to depict the reason why I was thanking the person. In this case, the recipient had helped in building the girls' playhouse. To show our appreciation, we gave him a gift card from Lowe's. I choose a theme paper that resembled a real blue print and found the cutest stickers to go with it. I just loved the letters in the shape of nuts and bolts. Don't you think so? The best feauture about this gift card is the brads in the shape of a screw. When I first saw them at Cropper's Corner- I just had to buy them. It looks as if I had actually used a screwdriver to put them on the corners! Click on the picture to view it up close.

A different variation you could use this card for would be for Father's Day. Or a just because to your "Handy Man" or Mr. Fix It".

Baby Shower Gift

Here it is! On one of my previous posts, I had mentioned that I had made a gift card for a baby shower and I searched my computer files and luckily-I found it!

I took on a different media approach for this particular design. I stamped the title and the images inside. I then used embossing powder to raise them. This adds a tactile feeling to the card. I also inked the edges on the inside of the card to draw the eye to the center where the baby poem is positioned . Other embellishments I utilized were: buttons, brads in the shape of a button, and fibers.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Fabric Photo Display Board

What scrapbook room is complete without pictures, right?

Close up view

On the wall

After going into my Assistant Principal's office one day, I expressed to her that I LOVED her photo/message board. I asked how she had gotten the perfect school colors on it and she told me she had done it herself! I was very impressed and since my room was "in the works" I decided to make one myself!

One day during our Spring Break, I purchased all the materials I needed to coordinate with my room's color palette I had chosen. It was very simple to make and it's a perfect and easy way to show off your favorite pictures. Plus, you can display other special items or memorabilia for a meaningful collage. Either way, the board will add a beautiful element to a wall. And since the photos just slip right into the ribbons, the display can be updated or changed easily and anytime!

Supplies used for this project:

1 20x20" board (larger if desired)
2 yards of material
3 different colored ribbons
1 square size batting
Decorative Tacks
Staple gun
Hanging brackets

Fold out Thank You card

This one I am proud of. It took some tactful planning and precise measurements to create. I am happy to say that I like the way it turned out.

I had seen a fold out card on a Disney book and I thought it was definitely one I'd had to try to make. I thought to myself-"I can do this!" With the picture in my mind I vizualized what I had seen on the book.

It didn't come out right on my first attempt, but it was not a total loss. The first template I made came out short for the card to fold all the way from the front. Using that same cardstock I traced the sections that came out right and then scored the paper closer in length to allow it to "close" correctly. It did! So here's what I did.

Supplies used:
1 4x6 photo - cut to size
1 12x12 colored cardstock
2 patterned papers (that coordinate)
Chipboard flowers
Photo Corners
1 A7 Envelope (fits 5x7 card)

Basic Instructions:
Cut your 12x12 paper to size (kind of like a fat "T")to make the fold out from the bottom and score. Fold and iron out with hand or tool. Measure paper to cover middle section only. Use other paper to cut two pieces for top and bottom and glue. Place 4x6 picture on the bottom portion of the card- where the fold will occur and fold up before you close your card. Embellish with ribbon, chipboard, stickers, flowers and dedicate your thank you card by hand or type it- and print!

Birthday Card from scraps

I love it when I can make these because it's a no-brainer. I just use paper scraps from my left over pieces box (which I don't like to get rid of-and now you know why!).

I got this idea from Scrapbooks Etc. I cut the pieces to size and embellished with a tag sticker. I bought the tag sticker from the Dollar Tree as a birthday set. Inside I pre-printed the birthday greeting and finished it by adding another flower sticker.

Luau Birthday Card

This is a card I created for my co-worker's son for his "Luau" Birthday celebration. Cute, simple and to the point. Simply took out some scraps from my stash and mounted some stickers and ribbon. And Done. Nothing to it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My own little space

After Charlie's Dad had closed the garage and decorated his own "work shop" space, I was left with a small enough room to hold my washer & dryer and small storage space. After a converstation with Charlie, I shared my thoughts on the future of the small space left between our garage and the door that led to the inside of the house. I wanted this room to serve two purposes- a laundry room and a place to store my scrapbook supplies (that I stored in the dining room). As soon as we received our income tax we began purchasing the supplies needed to begin this project.
After my father-in-law dedicated many tidious and countless hours working on my little space (which took about a month) it began to take shape and eventually morphed into a space I never expected to ever have. It actually turned out better than I expected! My Scrap Room- as I like to call it now-has become one of my favorite places to spend time in. Between the Spring Break and Easter holidays I've already dedicated countless hours in it. I got so inspired that I already finished one album and six pages. I am so proud of myself! I hadn't scrapped for a while so this is a big accomplishment for a scrapbooker. Needless to say I will be scrapbooking in my little room during the summer!
I want to say thanks to my Father-in-law for his artistic carpentry, my brother-in-law, Jerry for the electrical wiring, my second brother-in-law, Bobby, for wiring my Direct TV, and my husband for supporting my love for scrapbooking. Thanks you guys!!! And yes, I will be making a page about my new little space!

Here are some before and after pictures.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Graduation Card

Charlie's cousin, Steven, graduated from Alexander High School in May. I wanted to make him a card that he would like. Coincidentally, I had just received the weekly Scrapbooks Etc. newsletter and saw this sample from their gallery (take a look at the look-a-like on the link). I noticed that I had the same background paper so this inspired me to create his card. I didn't have textured block letters to mimick a typical letterman jacket but I remembered that I had created Charlie's kinder graduation page and had letters left over so I used those to make the school initials and used gold brads to attach them to the card. Last, I embellished it with a cap that also had the school's colors! Inside I printed an inspiring grad quote and attached the gift card with double-sided tape. This card was a sinch to make!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Teacher's Appreciation Gifts

Hello Kitty Paint Cans

School Days Paint Cans

For Teacher's Appreciation Week I wanted to give my children's teachers a gift that I knew they could use in the classroom. Being a teacher myself, I know how much we need to be resourceful when it comes to purchasing supplies for our classrooms. I started saving a coffee can to place the "gifts" inside the can, but when I found the perfect gifts for them I realized that they were too big to fit inside. I took a trip to Hobby Lobby and luckily found the perfect size of cans that I needed-and in a twist of fate, I was saw that they were on clearance so I purchased the last four from the shelf for $2.00 each! Yes, that's right!!

All I did was measure and cut the theme papers to size. Covered the paper with Mod Podge (as you would with regular glue) using a sponge brush. Let it dry a little and repeat the process again over the paper to create a glossy look. You can also purchase the matte bottle if you don't want a glossy look. Then use coordinating ribbon around the cans to "seam" the edges. Let completely dry. Finally tie various ribbons around the handle and fill with gifts. Inside I placed plastic grocery bags to add height to the gifts then colored tissue paper. The final products ended up having items from Bath & Body Works respectively. The cans were wrapped with shrink wrap (use a heating tool for this, but a household blow-dryer should do the trick too) and tied it with colored curling ribbon. I forgot to mention that the girls helped me in the process! They spelled their teacher's name with the fun-foam letters and they also helped me choose the scents! Carolina found the pink Hello Kitty ribbon. She was so excited to have found this for me. I was only going to use a regular pink ribbon since there is limited products with the Hello Kitty theme. It was so special. She knew how important this was to find. I think they heard us scream at Hobby Lobby from all the excitement!

These are the perfect gifts for any occasion. All you would have to do is pick the theme papers you wish, coordinate, and mix & match. Plus, the cans can be used later and the recipient won't discard it because it can be used to store things inside and-it's especially personalized for them!

Christmas Gift Card Holder #2

Our 3rd Grade Team decided to give our designated and then-pregnant teacher aide a gift for all her hard work as a token of our appreciation. We thought it would be nice if she had various gift cards to choose from so we gave her one from a restaurant, and the rest to go shopping for herself from different stores. She was so touched by the gift and she told us that she was truly going to put it to good use.

Christmas Gift Card Holder

This is a gift card holder I purchased at our former scrapbook store, Cropper's Corner. The supplier for this product is Creative Imaginations. I made it for a pre-kinder teacher whose name I choose for our "Secret Santa" week at school. She wanted a gift card from Target so I picked out a card and pretty much used the card as my color scheme. I made the card look like a present from the front. I added some Christmas quotes for cards, embellished it with a poinsetta flower sticker, ribbon, and tag and...ta-tta! My co-worker loved her gift and was so surprised to find the gift card inside the card holder.

I have also used the same product for a baby shower card holder. I don't remember if I took a picture of that one. I'll have to check my computer picture files. Hope you liked this one!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Bridal Gift Card

I made this one in record time-seriously! I was getting ready to go to our daughter's teacher bridal shower and was finishing the lingerie invitations for her at the same time. Before I knew it, it was twenty till and I knew they had asked for a $20 deposit but I didn't want to just give the $20 in an envelope and I didn't have an appropriate card to place it in. So in 20 minutes I created this simple and elegant gift card and discreetly placed the money in a custom made pocket where the silver bow is mounted. Not bad for such a short amount of time. I work better under pressure and sometimes my creations come out better than if I would've had more time to create one in.


This is one of my most recent creations. I must admit though-I can't take full credit for this one. Here is how I came across this cute card: I was invited to a Lingerie Bridal Shower and these were the invitations the honoree's mother made. I thought they were so cute and original. About a week ago, I was approached to host a bridal shower and immediately thought of making these for my daughter's teacher. I couldn't resist their originality. All I knew was that the person who made the cards said she found it on the internet so that's what I did. I went on a search on the vast and resourceful WWW! Luckily, I found the site (Paper Zone) in a very short time. To my surprise the website also had a link to THE pattern! So I printed the pattern and began making the cards. I think they came out good considering they ran out of the black lace-like material at Hobby Lobby. The pink ones came out cute too, but I think the black ones do the trick and gave that full effect of a curvy woman's body. What do you think? Let me know!!!

Black Version

Front View Back View

Pink Version

Front View
Back View

CM designs is here!

Here is it, my very own "Hall of fame"-if you will. I've been wanting to post my creations for a very long time. I've taken pictures of some of the gifts, cards or just stuff I've created and didn't know what to do with them until now. Although I already have a personal blog, It hadn't occured to me to do the same! I am so excited and can't wait for you to leave me any comments or suggestions. I want to thank you for visisting and taking the time to read my blog.

See you around Blogger!
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