Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thank You Card

Here is a diferrent take on thanking somone. The reason behind this creation is that I wanted to depict the reason why I was thanking the person. In this case, the recipient had helped in building the girls' playhouse. To show our appreciation, we gave him a gift card from Lowe's. I choose a theme paper that resembled a real blue print and found the cutest stickers to go with it. I just loved the letters in the shape of nuts and bolts. Don't you think so? The best feauture about this gift card is the brads in the shape of a screw. When I first saw them at Cropper's Corner- I just had to buy them. It looks as if I had actually used a screwdriver to put them on the corners! Click on the picture to view it up close.

A different variation you could use this card for would be for Father's Day. Or a just because to your "Handy Man" or Mr. Fix It".

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