Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My own little space

After Charlie's Dad had closed the garage and decorated his own "work shop" space, I was left with a small enough room to hold my washer & dryer and small storage space. After a converstation with Charlie, I shared my thoughts on the future of the small space left between our garage and the door that led to the inside of the house. I wanted this room to serve two purposes- a laundry room and a place to store my scrapbook supplies (that I stored in the dining room). As soon as we received our income tax we began purchasing the supplies needed to begin this project.
After my father-in-law dedicated many tidious and countless hours working on my little space (which took about a month) it began to take shape and eventually morphed into a space I never expected to ever have. It actually turned out better than I expected! My Scrap Room- as I like to call it now-has become one of my favorite places to spend time in. Between the Spring Break and Easter holidays I've already dedicated countless hours in it. I got so inspired that I already finished one album and six pages. I am so proud of myself! I hadn't scrapped for a while so this is a big accomplishment for a scrapbooker. Needless to say I will be scrapbooking in my little room during the summer!
I want to say thanks to my Father-in-law for his artistic carpentry, my brother-in-law, Jerry for the electrical wiring, my second brother-in-law, Bobby, for wiring my Direct TV, and my husband for supporting my love for scrapbooking. Thanks you guys!!! And yes, I will be making a page about my new little space!

Here are some before and after pictures.

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