Monday, June 15, 2009


This is one of my most recent creations. I must admit though-I can't take full credit for this one. Here is how I came across this cute card: I was invited to a Lingerie Bridal Shower and these were the invitations the honoree's mother made. I thought they were so cute and original. About a week ago, I was approached to host a bridal shower and immediately thought of making these for my daughter's teacher. I couldn't resist their originality. All I knew was that the person who made the cards said she found it on the internet so that's what I did. I went on a search on the vast and resourceful WWW! Luckily, I found the site (Paper Zone) in a very short time. To my surprise the website also had a link to THE pattern! So I printed the pattern and began making the cards. I think they came out good considering they ran out of the black lace-like material at Hobby Lobby. The pink ones came out cute too, but I think the black ones do the trick and gave that full effect of a curvy woman's body. What do you think? Let me know!!!

Black Version

Front View Back View

Pink Version

Front View
Back View

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  1. Hello!
    These invites are sooooo cute! Isabel Martinez shared your site with me because I love making invitations! These are so awesome! Great Job!


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