Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's been a while...

 I can't believe how long it's been since my last post....the truth is that I have been pretty busy creating and designing projects since I came back from my native country of Honduras. Immediately upon my return I made three scrapbook frames for my relatives in Honduras as a memento in loving memory of my father. I mailed it to them and they were elated and touched by the gesture. I know it will be a present reminder of the love they shared together. It also served (me) as self therapy as I started the healing process of his loss. I will cherish our short time together forever.

To show my appreciation during this difficult time, I also gave my Malakoff Family at school a big "Thank you" with this card. I hope they know how grateful I was to have received a downpour of support. I was truly blessed to have their support and prayers miles and miles away.

...and when one life parts this world, another one is born. This has been the gift I have been surrounded by recently. Starting with the birth of my niece, Karina on Christmas Day (how blessed is that?!). Unfortunately, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her (yet), but I'm hoping to do so during the summer. Before I left however, I did make some cute little boxes for her big sisters, Elena and Marisa. I had to send them with Charlie during a trip to Austin recently since I ran out of time to mail them in time for Christmas. I selected colors to coordinate with their adorable bedrooms and personalized them using charms with the letters of their first name. 

I also made one for my niece, Yvette

 The second was that of my sister's baby shower invitations. I was able to make her invitations just in time for a shower her husband gave in her honor. Considering we were tight on time, I think they came out cute. I also made her a money holder card to place the deposit inside. Yvette loved her invitations and the baby shower was a hit.

Shortly after her baby shower, my cousin Laurita asked me to design Susie's (her daughter-in-law) baby shower invitations. I was honored by her request! Susie will be a first time mom in the summer and we are so happy for her and Johnny on the forthcoming of their little girl. Seems only yesterday that I made their wedding gift card....click here to see it.

And most recently, the surprising announcement of my colleague and good friend, Norma-who is also expecting and due this summer!!! I am so happy for her! Her son Joshua and Charlie have been friends since the first grade and as they finish their elementary school years together this May, her new baby boy will certainly be the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Next month we will be honoring her with a baby shower. I was sooo happy when she gave the news that I was inspired to make her invitations for this joyous event.

As you can see....I have been PRETTY busy with all kinds of projects. I have other projects lined up and some that I have already completed so stay tuned for more pictures!!

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