Saturday, May 7, 2011

What was I thinking?!

While browsing through some of the blogs I follow I found this unique creation for cards. Since I hadn't done our Christmas cards I decided to work on them immediately after the Thanksgiving holidays. I had very little time to complete this mail-out and for a minute I thought: "What was I thinking?!" (You'll understand why as you read on). I was worried I wouldn't be able to finish them on time since I was leaving the country during the Winter break. When I began working on them I realized that I needed  more time to work on them (which was not the case). Fortunately, I did. I was able to mail them right before I left and in time for my friends and family to receive them. Upon my return I found out that ALL the cards were returned due to insufficient postage!! Since I was not here, my kind and gracious Mother-in Law did me the favor of adding more postage and re-sent the cards. I found out later that not everybody received them as I had originally. To this day I still don't know what happened to some of them. Oh well, lesson learned. I'll be more cautious next time...which gives me only six months to prepare for this year's cards!!

 Close up of one of the cards
I know we are in the middle of May here, but I couldn't go without posting this. After all- it's never too late to start thinking about Christmas cards for this year!!

Then there was the situation about my daughter's birthday party....her birthday (on the 13th) was the week we would let out for the Winter Break and I had to talk to her about not being able to celebrate her birthday until I returned since I was scheduled to leave that weekend. As it turns out, I ended up leaving the 15th instead due to my father's change in condition.  As a result I planned her party almost a month BEFORE. I purchased everything I would need for her sleep over and somehow also manged to finish her invitations and hand delivered them. When I returned I was not going to have time to do anything but the party itself.  It was both a challenge and a test of time. I don't know how I did it but I was able to defy time for the completion of these projects. Oh, and the party was a total success-my daughter had a lot of fun with her friends. =)

Sleeping bag invitation

 Vellum = blanket
Nice and tucked

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