Friday, June 10, 2011

Lingering question...

With so many talented ladies out there in the "art of creating" scrapbooks, paper crafting, and other handmade elements-specifically, here in Laredo-I don't know why our community hasn't yet embraced the idea of having a craft fair that will promote our local talent. I following many blogs with the same interest I share and to my surprise- most, if not all, have a craft fair in their hometown. More recently our city has initiated a farmer's market and that has brought many opportunities to individuals who love the idea of purchasing natural and pesticide-free products as well as new businesses to our community. However, I've had this lingering question running through my mind (more than often now). So why doesn't our city take the challenge and have an annual craft fair? I, for starters, would certainly be one of the first individuals to participate in this new endeavour. I more than likely wouldn't be the most artistic, but definitely and surely be inspired by so many talented crafters in the same venue. It would also give me an opportunity to display my work and that of other fellow enthusiasts in this up-and-coming marketable business. Recently, I was featured in one of Laredo's local magazines, Laredo Family Time Magazine under their new Mompreneurs section. Let me just say that I was honored for the gesture and opportunity. I commend them for their interest in showcasing full-time Moms who also enjoy crafting for a living or as a hobby. It is periodicals such as these that strive themselves to promote activities, events and local talent in our city to make it a better community for ourselves, our family, and other aspiring individuals who want to take their venture to a new level. For now all we can do is continue crafting, creating, and inspiring others.

Happy crafting everyone!


  1. I agree! Hmmm...who would you contact to pull it off? I'm not sure? It sounds like a great idea! There were some crafters at the Vega's Art Show last month- I hear they will be doing another one this month- I'll be publising their flyer soon- maybe that's a good monthly venue in addition to the Farmer's Markets, in the short-term?

  2. Yes, that sounds like a great idea!! Thanks for your comment and for stopping by! =)


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