Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Mr. & Mrs."

There is nothing like the breathtaking feeling and butterflies in your stomach you get when you are formally introduced as "Mr. & Mrs." on your wedding day. That was the feeling I got when I found this ribbon and...my inspiration for this creation.
I made it for my cousin Johnny who got married this past weekend. I wanted it to have two functions: initially a gift card holder, but hopefully a wedding keepsake that would remind them of their special day.
After the gift card is removed(and spent-hee, hee!), a photo of the newly weds appear as a reminder of their love. The photo may be replaced for one of their wedding pictures if they wish-as often or seldom as they want! As in any project I take on, this one also had its challenges. After placing the ribbon on the front cover I wanted the ribbon to symbolize just that. So I searched for a medium with their initials to place in the right hand bottom corner of the card. In the end, I found some chipborad letters I had left from another project. The tough part was for the letters to coordinate with the rest of the color scheme. So I experimented with several chipboard and eventually used a silver ink pad to recolor the letters. I sprinkled some transparent embossing powder and used my heat gun to incrust the powder on the chipboard. The letters don't even look like they didn't match!
The other challenge was to find the perfect sentiment to go with the card. Since I know that Johnny and Susie have been together for years now, I wanted the dedication to reflect their long lasting relationship. I debated on one titled "From this day forward" and "This day I married my best friend". In the end I choose "This day I married my best friend". I felt it was the one that mimicked the feelings they have towards each other.
I really enjoyed making this card. Not bad for making it in only three hours!

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