Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fourth of July Camping Trip

We love going camping with the family! After we came back from our trip two years ago, I started to download all the pictures from the memory card and accidentally erased ALL my pictures including these!!!! If this has ever happened to you and you're anything like me, you cried your heart out for this unintentional mishap. Needless to say, I was upset at myself and heartbroken at the same time. I could't believe what I had done and I was not about to let it go. Pictures are an extension of my life. So I made some calls and they referred me to the Geek Squad at Best Buy. After explaining what had happened, the technician still didn't guarantee that my pictures would be recovered. Luckily, they were!!! Of course I paid a pretty penny for them and in the end I had the pictures backed up into a CD. I was so relieved and got to work right away. Here are some images of the album. Can't wait for August to go camping again!

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